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Who we are

WorkTorch is a career empowerment platform connecting service industry professionals to careers they love while helping employers build a more stable, engaged, and motivated workforce.

Angela Muhwezi-Hall standing and Deborah Gladney sitting for a portrait photo

Our Mission

Fueling professionals and businesses with the resources and tools needed for long term stability and success.

Our Vision

To become a tried-and-true advocate for the service industry and the go-to source for service-industry professionals wanting to advance in their careers.

Our Story

Deborah and Angela are sisters and children of African immigrants who worked several hourly jobs for years to make ends meet for their family of seven. Their upbringing and experience in the workforce gave them a front row seat to the impact hourly workers have on the world. However, they also noticed the technology available primarily catered toward traditional white collar workers. So in April 2020, as COVID impacted the world and began redefining the meaning of essential worker, Deborah and Angela created WorkTorch (then known as QuickHire).

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